Our residents and workers need your help.

The General Assembly is presently considering devastating legislation for an unfunded staffing mandate that will cripple our nursing homes.

Why H5012 / S0002 is an existential threat to the nursing home industry

  • An unfunded staffing mandate with a minimum cost of $75 million will either bankrupt or seriously cripple our homes.
  • We already are losing money. In 2017 and 2018 (last reported years) the nursing home industry in RI LOST $7.9 million. (Blum Shapiro report based on BM-64 information)
  • We are already facing unprecedented challenges due to COVID and implementing this legislation now is simply impossible.

What you can do to help

  • This legislation will impose unfunded staffing mandates on our industry. It will cause a significant number of employees to lose the jobs they love. Our frail elderly residents could lose their homes and access to the high-quality, compassionate care we provide in the state.
  • Explore our website for resources and information, and call, write, or e-mail your legislators to tell them you want to save what we have. Tell them your frail and elderly family members need care. Tell them you care.

Need to find your legislators?

RIHCA is a non-profit association representing Rhode Island nursing homes. Our purpose is to represent, advance and advocate for the needs of our member facilities, their staff and residents to government officials, business leaders and the public.