Why are we putting our most vulnerable citizens at risk?

Today, more than 5,000 Rhode Islanders reside in nursing homes and require government assistance through Medicaid. These residents need – the 24 hour skilled nursing care – so capably provided – by Rhode Island nursing homes.

Yet, over the past decade – our government has cut Medicaid funding to Rhode Island nursing homes by a quarter of a billion dollars – putting an entire industry at risk of failing.

These facts should deeply trouble every Rhode Islander.

In the past year alone four nursing homes – Hallworth House – Woodpecker Hill – Apple Watch Hill and Ballou Home have closed – disrupting and endangering the lives of hundreds – of our most frail citizens.

With our elderly population doubling in size – over the next two decades – and more nursing homes sure to close –

Where will they go?

Who will take care of them?

Why are we letting this happen?