The SEIU’s telling you some whoppers!

Whopper #1

RI nursing homes had profits of $241 million in 2017 and 2018, citing the BM-64 cost reports submitted by the facilities to make it LOOK like the truth

The Actual Truth

The SEIU again CONVENIENTLY withheld from you that nursing homes LOST $7.9 million in that same period when you count ALL the expenses of the Homes and not just cherry pick certain expenses. This information comes from the SAME EXACT BM-64 report. Please see the attached information.

Whopper #2

The SEIU is telling you that staffing in RI nursing homes is insufficient and cite the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for the proposition that RI ranks 41st of 50 states to make it LOOK like the truth.

The Actual Truth

The SEIU has CONVENIENTLY withheld from you that the adequacy of nursing home staffing is also contingent upon the skill level providing the care (RN’s or nurse’s aides), as well as the actual needs of the residents, and not a simple count of employees. In fact, CMS rates nursing homes based on the combination of those three factors. And only 10 states in the country are rated higher than RI nursing homes.

Whopper #3

RI nursing homes have received state level INCREASES four of the last five years. The implication being the state is fulfilling its mandate to help RI’s most frail residents.

The Actual Truth

Despite a 2012 law mandating Medicaid reimbursements be adjusted for inflation annually, that adjustment has only been made twice in the past decade. Those state cuts have cumulatively cost nursing homes in RI over $250 million in state and federal funding. In fiscal year 2021 alone, state funding is $50 million less due to these devastating cuts.

Whopper #4

The SEIU claims that a Harvard study shows a direct link between short staffing and COVID infection rates. The implication being RI nursing homes are understaffed.

The Actual Truth

The cited Harvard study says the exact opposite. The study specifically points out that states rated with a high quality for their nurse staffing by the Center for Medicare & Medicaid services (CMS) do a much better job managing COVID than facilities with lower ratings. The CMS rates RI nursing homes among the best in the nation for staffing (11th of 50 states). The CMS ratings requires an assessment based on staff qualifications and patient needs and not merely the number of hours per day. Additional research made clear that RI’s nursing homes suffered greater COVID spread as a direct result from community spread and compact demographics, not staffing issues. This is a blatant whopper on the SEIU’s part.