Need to find your legislators?

Helpful Hints

  • Personalize the message to your facility. How long has your home been in the community? How many employees? How many of those impacted live in the area? How many residents are in your facility? How devastating would this legislation be to your home? Make it be about your home.
  • Talk in a language that everyone can understand. Do not use acronyms or technical language. Speak from your heart.

Sample script for use in contacting your legislators

“To the honorable members of the Senate Health and Human Services committee my name is Jane Doe and I am the owner of the Golden Years Nursing and Rehabilitative Center. My family has owned this home for the past 50 years and Providence has always been our home. We employ over 100 employees, most from right here in Providence. We have over 200 residents and I can say to you, without our services, most would have an extremely difficult time surviving. This staffing legislation would cripple us, possibly to the point of shutting us down. With an aging population, it just doesn’t seem right to be taking much needed care away from those who need it most. I am sincerely asking you to consider the dire circumstances, not only for our home, but for all homes in Rhode Island if this legislation is allowed to become law. I know the words of the bill sounds good, but it is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It will cripple my home and take away the access and quality of care my residents so desperately need.”